Important Notice!

Please familiarize yourself with our rules to avoing being banned!

Any violation of the following will result in permanent ban for the offenders & tribe members may be face additional punishment if suspected to have knowledge of.
  • bot usage: including, but not limited to: automated tasks, aimbots, esps, warnings, anti-cheat protection, enviromental removals.
  • cheats / hacks: any shady stuff that you can not explain or present sufficient proof of being legit.
  • game engine or .ini file modifications: if suspected, you will be required to immediately provide a screenshot without relogging.
  • duping anything.
  • macro usage.
  • dual-boxing.
  • under-meshing: manipulating your character through the terrain mesh at any time.
  • structure meshing.
  • floating structures: anything that does not fall when it loses is foundation supports.
  • body bags: any overweighted & sleeping bodies being drug around or placed on dinos.
naming standards for steam, player, tribe, dinos & names; also applies to structures that can be renamed.
  • no generic names - e.g. - 123, 321, human, survivor, player or any other similary un-unique or unmemorable names, with exception to dinos still named their generic class name.
  • if you cannot be unique with your naming choice you will be renamed without discussion without your input on the new name.
  • must use printable, standard us-ascii characters recognized by ark's engine & logs.
  • ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . : ; <> = ? @ _ ` | ∼ [ \ ] { / } ^
  • 1-9 a-z a-z
  • if there is a ☐ box icon ☐ in any name, the player, tribe, dino, or structure affected will be destroyed.
  • simply put: the list of acceptable characters above is not permission to use !#&(((- as a name.
griefing / harassing
  • griefing or harassing players or tribes will be resolved with an overwhelmingly disproportionate admin resolution.
  • reports of griefing must be presented with evidence (times, tribe logs, videos, screenshots, etc.) to include time frames.
  • situations we consider griefing or harassing:
  • luring wild dinos to other tribes bases is considered griefing.
  • harassing other players using structures to block or trap them or their dinos is considered griefing.
  • written or verbal harassment that crosses the intent of our community rules.
  • keeping dinos on wandering or mating all the time is forbidden (exception: game mechanics like those from dung beetle, oviraptor etc.)
  • exception to this is if its done in enclosed spaces where players cannot enter to steal eggs
  • while you are breeding make sure your hatcheries/soul terminals are not overflowing , have enough orbs and are powered in order to collect any eggs,babies
The tribe owner has absolute control of the tribe. All decisions by the owner are final. A tribe can vote out an inactive leader. Admins will verify activity, and votes before changing ownership. If all members are not in discord, we will take no action. INSIDING/SABOTAGE aka 'insiding'TRIBE INSIDING/SABOTAGE aka 'insiding'.
  • Will result in a permanent ban for all involved individuals no matter if you are the antagonist, supporter, beneficiary or otherwise were negligent in preventing a plot.
  • Harming your tribe's abilities, progress or secrets to include, but not limited to:
  • Sabotage, deception, disinformation, treachery, double-dealing or any other means of malice used to cripple, undermine or otherwise hurt your tribe.
  • Leaving tribe with resources, items, blueprints or dinos not explicity approved by the tribe owner or Admins.
  • Sharing privileged information with another tribe.
Parting ways with your tribe and you're unable to reach an agreement with the tribe owner? Submit at SUPPORT TICKET DO NOT INSIDE YOUR TRIBE. Speak with an admin before doing ANYTHING. We can facilitate a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.
  • Tribes are limited to TWO bases per map. One main base and one outpost
  • An outpost can be one raft, one tree (solely platforms) or a 10x10x6 base
  • Bases & outposts MUST be a 100% functional building. Obvious spawn boxes at/near beacon drops will be AOE wiped.
  • Functional building = has to have craft stations, storage, beds.
  • FOBs for Extinction Orbital Supply Drops & Element Veins events.
  • You may build a temporary FOB or use other structures/turrets to assist.
  • All structures & turrets MUST be removed before you leave the event area.
  • The distance between perimeter "walls" & a functional building must NOT exceed 25 foundations.
  • Base perimeter expansions MUST stay within the 25 foundation rule at all times (building expansions before perimeter expansions).
  • A base perimeter is defined as:
  • Gates, pillars, spike walls, turret towers, or any structures blocking land access by players or dinos OR random crap delineating your "space".
  • Terrain features blocking land access by players or dinos.
  • Taming Pens - may be built anywhere
  • Be reasonable with your wants vs needs. Don't spam taming pens, spikes, traps, etc. Be thoughtful of others coming after you looking for their forever home.
  • Please accommodate another Tribe wishing to build by removing any taming pen, spikes, traps, etc blocking their build.
  • Clean up all traps once you have finished using them to prevent clutter
STRUCTURE SPAMMING FORBIDDEN in the open-world - we will structure wipe your tribe.
  • Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, pillars or gates)
  • Extremely long waterpipes [longer than render distance medium] are not allowed! Use S+ intakes that deliver water anywhere or water tanks. If the pipes are way too long we will delete all structures of that tribe.
  • BLOCKING ACCESS IS FORBIDDEN (via buildings, structures, turrets, dinos, etc)
  • Building on "Dead Island" is not allowed. [The Island]
You may build in as long as you don't block access to any of the following:
  • Another tribe's base. - Obelisk, Boss, Tek Terminals.
  • Artifact & Loot cave entrances, exits, or pathing.
  • Artifacts, cave & water loot crates.
  • Aberration map - surface entrances, exits, or pathing.
  • Valguero map - Aberration biome cave entrances, exits, or pathing.
  • Center map - Underworld entrances, exits, or pathing.
  • Wyvern Scars/Nests, & Drake Trench/Nests
  • Player spawn points/zones - if a player spawns within your building or base perimeter, your structures will be AOE wiped. Do NOT build end-game bases in player spawn zones.
  • Resource-rich areas. This includes any area that has 5 (10 for Aberration) or more nodes in a 5-foundation radius.
  • Gas collectors have to be unlocked and may not be built-in
  • Charge Nodes and Z Plant, as they are seen as a resource. They have to be usable, reachable on foot, and visible from outside for everyone.
  • Spawns in the beaver sanctuary on Ragnarok, Beaver Lake or Beaver Moore on Valguero
  • city terminals or city sky bridges on Extinction
  • No blocking access to high traffic rivers ( rivers you can get a raft in & out )